Williford & Associates, LLC has prepared and developed more than 100 CON applications — all of which have been approved by the CON Review Board.
No application is too small or too complicated.


Other strategic health planning services:

  • Project modifications
  • Letters of non-review ability
  • Adjustments in amendments to state health plan
  • Change of ownership requests
  • Analysis of competitor’s involvement in health planning process
  • Licensure


Williford & Associates, LLC Position on Certification of Need

Examples of some projects completed and approved:


Healthcare Authority for Baptist Health 12/19/2011

Acquisition of the Montgomery Cancer Center

Bradford Health – Addiction and Mental Health Services, Inc. 7/1/2011

Bradford Health Services is a multi-state company, with its corporate office located in Birmingham, Alabama. This project provides for the relocation of 32 of the 102 approved substance abuse beds from the current Bradford location in Shelby County, Alabama to a more patient and family accessible site in Jefferson County.


RCHP-Florence, LLC – 4/25/2011

Through this application, Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital proposes to expand its existing cardiac catheterization services by obtaining approval for a fourth cardiac catheterization lab.  This proposal will convert an existing special procedures room into a cardiac catheterization lab which will be located in the same cardiac services area as the three existing labs.

Southeast Alabama Medical Center_10/2010

The Houston County Health Care Authority, in partnership with the City of Dothan and Houston County, is the sponsoring organization that will create the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine to be located near the campus of Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan, Alabama.  The college will be the first college of osteopathic medicine in Alabama.


Clanton Hospital, LLC, d.b.a. Chilton Medical Center – March 15, 2010

Chilton Medical Center (“CMC”) proposes to convert and renovate 10 acute medical-surgical beds to 10 geriatric psychiatry beds for a dedicated medical model geriatric psychiatric unit to serve those age 65 and older.  The facility is located in an underserved rural area.  The elderly population is growing and Chilton and the surrounding counties are seeing an increase in retirees moving to the area, increasing the need for geriatric services.


Infirmary LTAC Hospital -3/3/10

This application proposes relocation of Infirmary Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH), 150 of its 191 licensed beds and its specialized staff and services to a leased unit within Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, approximately eleven (11) miles from its current location.


Southeast Alabama Medical Center  10/30/09

The proposed project will include the relocation of existing hospital departments on the first floor and the renovation of the space to consolidate and expand existing services for observation and recovery care patients into a dedicated unit.

Bradford Health – Addiction and Mental Health Services, Inc.  10/7/09

The proposed project provides for the relocation of eighteen (18) authorized substance abuse beds from the campus of Carraway Methodist Medical Center in Birmingham to the existing campus of Bradford Lodge at Warrior.  Both facilities are located in Jefferson County, approximately 24 miles apart.  Upon the filing of the letter of intent for this project, the State Health Planning and Development Agency understands that the 18 substance abuse beds and services to be relocated shall remain in the inventory of the substance abuse beds authorized in the Alabama State Health Plan during the certificate of need process for this project.


Shoals Hospital 10-6-09

Shoals Hospital proposes to convert four (4) existing hospital beds to four (4) rehabilitation beds for its existing 26-bed J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation Unit.


Shoals – 9-1-09

Shoals Hospital proposes to convert six (6) existing hospital beds to six (6) rehabilitation beds to its existing 26-bed J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation Unit.


Shoals ECM Emergency Project Modification –11-24-08

Coffee Health Group and Eliza Coffee Hospital   Emergency Project Modification: AI-2007-018


Coffee Health Group/Shoals Hospital And Russellville Hospital 9-15-08

(Request to Adjust SHP) Authorize 12 Additional Rehabilitation Beds


The Children’s Hospital of Alabama – July 2008

The Children’s Hospital of Alabama (Children’s Hospital), the only freestanding pediatric hospital in the State dedicated solely to the care and treatment of children, proposes to construct a replacement facility which will enable Children’s Hospital to address the inadequacies and unmet needs of the existing facility and to expand its services to meet the current and future demand and unmet needs of its pediatric patients.


Southeast Ala Med Ctr – 02/17/2008

Through this application, Southeast Alabama Medical Center proposes to expand its existing cardiac catheterization services by obtaining approval for two cardiac catheterization labs.


Southeast Ala Med Ctr – 11/11/2007

This project will add 50 new psychiatric beds which will increase the hospital’s license to 420.

Eufaula Health Care Authority – 3/27/2007

Medical Center Barbour (MCB), located in Barbour County in Eufaula, Alabama, proposes to establish an 18-bed geropsychiatric unit in the hospital.  The project will be a renovation of existing space in the hospital to a psychiatric unit for adults age 55 and older.


Gulf Coast Psychiatric, LLC Jan 18, 2007

The existing providers of psychiatric services for the southwest region of Alabama, The Greater Mobile-Washington County Mental Health-Mental Retardation Board, Inc., hereinafter referred to as Mobile Mental Health; Baldwin County Mental Health Center, Inc.; and Gulf Health Hospitals, Inc., a hospital system located in Baldwin and Mobile counties have come together to form Gulf Coast Psychiatric, LLC and hereby propose to provide cost-effective, high-quality, accessible psychiatric services to the citizens in the area through the construction and management of a sixty-six (66)-bed facility to be located on the Eastern Shore in Baldwin County.


Kindred Healthcare 6/14/2006

This application describes a proposal by Kindred Healthcare to provide quality long-term acute-care hospital services through the conversion of sixty (60) existing acute care beds located at Carraway Methodist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama.  Kindred Healthcare, through this project, proposes to enhance any existing services in the area by integrating and cooperating with existing providers.


County Community Hospital, LLC dba Summit Hospital -  4/17/2006

Summit Hospital proposes to expand its diagnostic services to include diagnostic catheterization services.  On February 13, 2004, a Certificate of Need was issued to replace the hospital in Phenix City, Alabama.  Construction of the seventy-bed Summit Hospital is underway with an expected completion date of July 2006.  Since the replacement facility was approved by the CON Review Board, a community assessment of the health status has determined the area served by the Summit Hospital requires improved access to diagnostic catheterization services.  Heart disease is the second leading cause of death, ranking only behind cancer.  Therefore, Summit Hospital seeks approval to develop a diagnostic cardiac catheterization/special procedures lab.  Currently, there are no cardiac catheterization units located in Russell County, Alabama.


Attentus Moulton, LLC    Lawrence Medical Center Nov 2005

Lawrence Medical Center, a community hospital located in Moulton, Alabama, proposes to replace the existing medical center located at 202 Hospital Street.  The existing hospital is licensed for ninety-eight beds.  The proposed replacement facility will be licensed for forty-three beds which is a decrease of fifty-five licensed beds.  The 43-bed replacement facility is proposed to be located in Moulton on a 27.7-acre site near the intersection of highways 24 and 157.

UAB Radiology – Oncology 6-2005

The most cost effective solution to address these limitations is to  replace the Radiation Oncology facilities.

The New Radiation Oncology Replacement Facility is proposed to be located on Block 176 located in downtown Birmingham adjacent to the newly finished North Pavilion facility of University Hospital.  The proposed building features a 32,295 square foot first floor along with a 6,220 square foot mezzanine level – combining for a total of 38,524 square feet.   This facility will house four (4) linear accelerator treatment rooms, two (2) CT simulators, space for a future PET/CT simulator, several exam rooms, and ancillary clinical and support service space. The proposed facility will incorporate the most modern architectural and functional aspects in a healthcare facility that will provide radiation/oncology services.  Additionally, this project will end any fragmentation of radiation/oncology services, and be cost effective.


This project is part of a long-range master plan started by University of Alabama at Birmingham in the 1980’s.  This plan was designed to determine how the existing healthcare facilities and environment on the campus of the University were meeting the needs of the patients, changes in technology, structural requirements and cost effectiveness.  The objectives of this plan are in the process of being implemented through the previous projects approved by the CON Review Board.  This project is complementary to previously approved projects by replacing the existing facilities in a new state-of-the-art Radiation Oncology Facility.


Outpatient Specialists of Alabama, LLC Jan 2005

Outpatient Specialists of Alabama, (OSA) proposes to construct and operate a multi-specialty ambulatory surgical center in Trussville, Alabama consisting of two operating rooms and two special procedures rooms.  Trussville and surrounding areas are among the fastest growing areas in Jefferson County and the consumers and payers for healthcare services do not have access to less costly, high-quality outpatient surgical services in the service area.  Upon approval, the owners of the proposed facility will recruit additional physicians, new specialties, and staff to the area to serve the public.  The proposed facility will strengthen the healthcare market and cooperate with existing acute care providers, physicians, allied health and any other healthcare professionals in the service area.  With the development of the proposed ambulatory surgery center, the existing healthcare delivery system in northeast Jefferson County, as well as contiguous counties, will be strengthened by increasing access to high quality, cost-effective outpatient surgery services, and the recruitment of additional surgeons and specialties.

University of Alabama Hospital Oct. 2004

The University of Alabama Hospital to construct, manage, and operate a Women and Infants’ Facility.  The proposed project includes the replacement and consolidation of certain existing women and infants services.  The facility will consist of 71 acute care beds.  These beds will move from existing buildings at the University of Alabama Hospital.  The licensed bed capacity of the University of Alabama Hospital will not change as a result of this project.


Baptist Hospital, Inc. Air Ambulance – March 2004

Baptist Hospital, Inc. of Pensacola LifeFlight, proposes to provide air medical transport services, including emergency medical care to Southwest Alabama, previously served by the University of South Alabama’s SouthFlite.  USA, currently holding the CON for air transport, announced they will cease operations on March 31, 2004.  LifeFlight has served USA and the South Alabama community for twenty-six years and has acted as a back-up to South Flight since its inception.

Ameris Health Systems, LLC.- 12-3-02

Ameris Health Systems, LLC. proposes to construct a 70-bed acute care replacement facility in Phenix City, Alabama.

UAB Medical West July 2002

UAB Medical West (formerly Bessemer Carraway Medical Center) is a 300 bed licensed acute care facility located in Bessemer in southwestern Jefferson County.  Through this application, UAB Medical West proposes to lease and operate a fixed-based MRI system to meet existing demand and future MRI needs of the patients served.  The proposed MRI system will replace an existing mobile MRI unit with a Phillips Medical Systems Intera 1.5 T unit.


Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital 9-4-2001

Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, a 338-bed acute care hospital located in Florence, Alabama and a member of the Coffee Health Group, proposes to enhance its existing imaging services by obtaining approval to provide mobile positron emission tomography (PET) services. …. In order to provide PET services in a cost-effective manner for the residents of Lauderdale County, Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital proposes to enter into an arrangement with a CON-approved mobile PET scanner vendor to provide PET services to the inpatients and outpatients of the Hospital.

Shoals Pet Scanner – August 2001

Shoals Hospital, a 128-bed acute care hospital located in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and a member of the Coffee Health Group, proposes to enhance its existing imaging services by obtaining approval to provide mobile positron emission tomography (PET) services.

University of Alabama Hospital – Mary Lewis Convalescent Center – July 2000

The University of Alabama Hospital proposes to relocate 47 licensed skilled nursing home beds from the UAB Mary Lewis Convalescent Center (MLCC) at 2600 Highland Avenue in Birmingham to unoccupied space on the UAB Hospital campus. The proposed project will address the problems associated with the aging MLCC facility, improve the quality of services for those in need of skilled care, have a positive impact on the cost of care, as well as numerous other benefits that are detailed throughout this application.


University of Alabama Hospital – 2nd MRI – Jan 2000

The University of Alabama Hospital proposes to enhance its existing MRI services by obtaining approval to operate a second MRI unit in the hospital radiology department.  The Hospital currently has a General Electric Medical Systems Signa 1.5 Tesla MRI unit that was installed in April 1992.  This unit performs over 4,500 procedures per year.  Last year, the hospital received a replacement exemption (EQR2000-001) from the State Health Planning and Development Agency to replace this unit with a state-of-the-art GE Signa MRI Echospeed unit.  The new unit is scheduled to be installed before the end of February 2000.


Northport Medical Center – 8/1999

Northport Medical Center, a component of the DCH Healthcare Authority, proposes to expand its existing obstetrical services program.  This proposed expansion will address many space and operational needs of the existing obstetrical services program including labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum, nursery, classrooms, and other support and ancillary functions.  The proposed project will also address space needs in the women’s diagnostic center and clinic.  Northport Medical Center is licensed for a total of 204 beds of which 10 beds are currently dedicated to the obstetrical program.  While the number of obstetrical beds will increase with this project, the total licensed bed capacity of the Medical Center will not change as a result of this project.