Customized Healthcare Strategies


- With Community Insight survey information it is not where you are now, it is where you are going!


- At the end of the day, Community Insights assists in putting a STATE OF THE ART product in a market.


- Community Insights provides “real” information to assist in making real strategic decisions as you move forward.


- Community Insights portrays reasons to promote certain services or to downsize certain services.


- Without a survey designed by Community Insights, a provider is just guessing.


- Information provided from a survey executed by C.I. allows a provider to better understand why services may be increasing or


- Information becomes a baseline to move forward and to compare to other similar programs in the market.


- Survey information designed by C.I. provides information that is not accessible through any other vehicle.


- The professional management of C.I. has a cumulative 80 years + successful experience in healthcare administration, marketing,
regulatory and health policy.


- Community Insights information is backed up by a statically valid survey, and is not a manipulative political process.


The Logic of COMMUNITY IDENTIFIED Health Policy