Frank G. Williford, President of Williford & Associates, LLC

Frank G. Williford, President, Williford & Associates, LLC

Today’s healthcare environment requires a new mindset for providers.  It no longer makes sense for a provider to become completely engaged in a group dynamic due to the diversity of providers.  For example, there are providers who are located in rural areas, suburban areas and metropolitan areas.  There are tertiary care providers as well as providers who offer limited services.  There are not-for-profit providers as well as for-profit providers. There are providers that have contrasting payor mixes.  All the healthcare systems have been transformed over the past several years.  It no longer makes sense for a provider to strategically limit its resources to statewide health policy at the expense of the local markets and services.


One example of W&A’s great value to our clients is the ability to identify specific legislation or regulations that may impact one client’s operations while not impacting other clients.  We are concerned with the well being of our clients on an individual basis and not as a collective diverse entity.  The healthcare environment is evolving and W & A, LLC assists their clients in meeting this transformation head-on.  Health providers that cannot comprehend the value of a provider specific approach versus regional or state-wide policy directives are missing the big picture.


The purpose and value of Williford and Associates, LLC is to manage health policy on your behalf.